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Resources for the girls at the Warrenville Youth Center

It is nice to post about something positive and uplifting regarding opportunities for the girls in the Illinois juvenile justice system. A few years ago, the Illinois Juvenile Department of Corrections was retooled and renamed the Department of Juvenile Justice but with the state of the state’s economy, still too little resources are available to […]

Release of Female Offenders

As Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, I encouraged innovative research on women and girl offenders. As a private practitioner, I have continued my efforts to aid women in the criminal justice system. Although I do not practice in California, it is noteworthy, that that state’s prison system is planning on releasing […]

Civil Stalking No Contact Orders

In Illinois, the courts hold domestic violence civil order of protection proceedings over persons who have had a dating or familial relationship. The courts now also hold civil stalking no contact proceedings for persons who have not had such a relationship but where conduct is alleged to have reached the level of stalking. The legislative […]

Pursuing relief from a criminal record

Frequently, I am asked questions regarding the Illinois clemency process, which can be long and arduous. Many times, a petition to expunge or seal may be the appropriate recourse. Expungement or sealing may not be available by law but petitioning for a certificate of good conduct or certificate of relief from disabilities may be appropriate […]

Mental Health Issues in the Criminal Justice System

Since my days as a student at Georgetown University Law Center and its Criminal Justice Clinic, I have spent a great deal of time working on the issue of the mentally ill within the criminal justice system. Although I will not be able to attend this program, I am happy that GULC is sponsoring what […]

No refusal weekend in Du Page County

If you plan to drive in Du Page County, Illinois this weekend, please be aware of these extreme measures that will be in place.

Illinois Appellate Court Affirmed Finding of Probable Cause to Arrest Based on Repeatedly Yelling One Word

On July 27, 2011, the Illinois Appellate Court’s First District issued a corrected opinion in People v. Neal (No. 1-09-2814), that a person standing on a street corner repeatedly yelling the word “blows” was properly subject to an arrest for a Chicago ordinance violation and property subjected to a custodial search which uncovered heroin. […]

Trends in Illinois Felony Sentencing Illustrate the Need for Good Representation

The recent statistics published by the Illinois Sentencing Policy Advisory Council in its research briefing, “Illinois Felony Sentencing: A Retrospective,” show how many individuals are becoming statistics in the criminal justice system. The report found that despite reductions in reported Illinois crime from the early 1990s through 2008, the number of persons on probation, […]

Chicago Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Training.

In an effort to avert safety issues and limit use of force in dealing with mentally ill persons in crisis, in 2005 the Chicago Police Department developed Crisis Intervention Training. Based on a model developed by the Memphis Police Department in the 1990s, officers volunteer for the 40 hour specialized training which is conducted by […]

Drug Users Benefit from Sheridan Correctional Center Programs

One of the most pressing problems in the criminal justice system is how to end the recidivism cycle for those persons who are drug dependent and commit crimes. As Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, I was privileged to participate in the Governor’s working group addressing prisoner re-entry issues. The reopening of […]

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