Category Archives: Prisoner Re-Entry

Category Archives: Prisoner Re-Entry

Recipe for Change Expands Inmate Cooking Program

Earlier this year, I wrote about a great prisoner re-entry program where Chef Bruno Abate is teaching Cook County Jail inmates how to cook. According to a recent Chicago Tribune story, the program has expanded. The inmate chefs cook and sell pizza to other inmates to help fund the program. Lori G. Levin […]

Local Chef Cooks Up Detainee Re-Entry Program

Recently, along with friends from the American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section, I had the pleasure of dining at Tocco, 1266 N. Milwaukee, Chicago and meeting with its owner Bruno Abate. Chef Abate, not only runs a wonderful restaurant but also is the creator of a successful prisoner reentry program at the Cook County Department […]

Federal report issued regarding education resources for juveniles in custody

When I was Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, I worked on prisoner re-entry issues for the State of Illinois. One of the things that I discovered then, and know now as private defense counsel, was that resources in detention and prison towards education can make a difference when a young person […]

Resources for the girls at the Warrenville Youth Center

It is nice to post about something positive and uplifting regarding opportunities for the girls in the Illinois juvenile justice system. A few years ago, the Illinois Juvenile Department of Corrections was retooled and renamed the Department of Juvenile Justice but with the state of the state’s economy, still too little resources are available to […]

Drug Users Benefit from Sheridan Correctional Center Programs

One of the most pressing problems in the criminal justice system is how to end the recidivism cycle for those persons who are drug dependent and commit crimes. As Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, I was privileged to participate in the Governor’s working group addressing prisoner re-entry issues. The reopening of […]

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