Category Archives: Women Offenders

Category Archives: Women Offenders

Cook County Jail to Close Three Divisions

On Friday, Cook County Sheriff Thomas J. Dart announced building closures at the Cook County Department of Corrections. In a press release,, the Sheriff announced the closings of Divisions 3 and 17, which house primarily female offenders and the initiation of the closing of maximum security Division 1. The Sheriff’s Office indicated that the […]

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority Report on A Residential Program for Sex Trafficking Victims

As the former Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, I continue to post links on this blog to the wonderful work of that state agency’s staff. Today, ICJIA released a Research Bulletin on “Anne’s House: A Residential Program for Trafficking Victims,” which can be found at While executive director at the […]

Study on Women Inmates in Illinois Prisons

Frequently, I have posted on the plight of women offenders. The Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, a state agency where I formerly served as Executive Director, continues to fund and conduct research on Illinois female offenders. Recently, ICJIA funded and published a study conducted by researchers of the Department of Criminal Justice & Criminology of […]

Resources for the girls at the Warrenville Youth Center

It is nice to post about something positive and uplifting regarding opportunities for the girls in the Illinois juvenile justice system. A few years ago, the Illinois Juvenile Department of Corrections was retooled and renamed the Department of Juvenile Justice but with the state of the state’s economy, still too little resources are available to […]

Release of Female Offenders

As Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, I encouraged innovative research on women and girl offenders. As a private practitioner, I have continued my efforts to aid women in the criminal justice system. Although I do not practice in California, it is noteworthy, that that state’s prison system is planning on releasing […]

More on human trafficking and women offenders

The international human trafficking problem continues to explode, as these statistics illustrate: Although the article states that the United States is holding to its baseline, that goal is little comfort to the women and girls who are enmeshed in the system. As I have previously indicated, the excellent research staff of the Illinois Criminal […]

Women Offenders and Entry into the Criminal Justice System by Being Victimized

The vast majority of women offenders enter the criminal justice system after being victimized. This is a fact that I learned as the former Co-Chair of the American Bar Association Criminal Justice Section’s Women in the Criminal Justice Community Committee and as the former Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority. When I […]

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