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Category Archives: Juvenile Law

Lori Levin’s Chair Column for ISBA Women and Law Committee and Upcoming Continuing Legal Education Program

Here is the link to my latest column as Chair of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Women and the Law Committee. It features our upcoming continuing legal education program on Girls in Crisis: Foster Care and Unaccompanied Immigrants. The program, which is being held in conjunction with the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois, the Black […]

A Good Week for Lori Levin’s Clients

This week, my clients had two major victories. On Monday, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office agreed to dismiss very serious charges against a juvenile client. After my investigators and I accumulated substantial evidence, the prosecutor office agreed that they could not go forward with its prosecution. My client, who always had faith that justice […]

Spreading the Word on Juvenile Justice Developments

Yesterday, I was honored to discuss juvenile justice developments on WVON radio with host Cliff Kelley and University of Chicago Professor Randolph Stone. We discussed President Barack Obama’s Op Ed piece in the Washington Post,, where he announced the ban on solitary confinement of juveniles in federal custody. We also discussed the United States […]

New Illinois Law Provides Different Criteria for Sentencing Those Under 18 Years of Age

The new year brought changes in mandatory considerations in the imposition of sentences of individuals who commit offenses when they are under the age of 18. The new law, 730 ILCS 5/5-4.5-105 mandates judges to consider new additional factors in mitigation in determining the appropriate sentence. These factors take into account the differences between persons […]

Changes in the Illinois Juvenile Court Act

January 1, 2016 will bring significant changes to how juveniles charged with crimes are handled under Illinois law. Public Act 99-0258,, raises the age of juveniles from 15 to 16 who are automatically prosecuted as adults for the offenses of first degree murder, aggravated criminal sexual assault, or aggravated battery with a firearm where […]

Contacting Counsel Prior to Meeting with the Police Regarding Investigations

Please remember that when a police officer wishes to discuss and investigation of a crime with you or your child, you have a right to have counsel present. Very often, law abiding persons or parents believe that cooperating with law enforcement will be a benefit to them or their child. Many times, the person or […]

Federal report issued regarding education resources for juveniles in custody

When I was Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, I worked on prisoner re-entry issues for the State of Illinois. One of the things that I discovered then, and know now as private defense counsel, was that resources in detention and prison towards education can make a difference when a young person […]

The Dress for Success Program at the Juvenile Court in Markham

This is a redacted and edited version of a friend’s facebook post about the Juvenile Court at Markham’s Dress for Success program. Please support this worthwhile cause. As I state, I have seen this program in action and it works. See the posting below: Dress for Success! The Juvenile Court at the Markham Courthouse has […]

Public Act to Raise Illinois Juvenile Justice Age to 18

As of January 1, 2014, Illinois youth charged with misdemeanors and felonies will be part of the juvenile justice system rather than the criminal justice realm. On July 8, 2013, Governor Pat Quinn signed into law Public Act 098-0061 which will lower the age of majority for prosecution. This legislation does not change the ability […]

News and items of interest on Facebook and Twitter

Frequently, I post items of interest pertaining to criminal, juvenile and mental health law on the firm Facebook page and Twitter account. To keep current, please follow at on Facebook and @LoriLevin on Twitter. Lori G. Levin Attorney at Law 180 N. LaSalle, Suite 3700 Chicago, IL 60601 [email protected]

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