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Contacting Counsel Prior to Meeting with the Police Regarding Investigations

Please remember that when a police officer wishes to discuss and investigation of a crime with you or your child, you have a right to have counsel present. Very often, law abiding persons or parents believe that cooperating with law enforcement will be a benefit to them or their child. Many times, the person or […]

Evaluation of the first year of CPD Crisis Intervention Training focused on delinquent youth who suffer from mental illness

Previously, I have written about the Chicago Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Training. /2/post/2011/07/chicago-police-departments-crisis-intervention-training.html. The CIT training model was originally developed by the Memphis, Tennessee police department in conjunction with the National Alliance on Mental Illness as well as consumers on mental health services. The Chicago Police Department adopted the CIT training in 2004. In 2009, […]

United States Supreme Court recent decision on eyewitness identification

The United States Supreme Court recently limited the ability for defendant’s to successfully challenge a suggestive or unreliable identification in Perry v. New Hampshire , ___ U.S._____, (Slip Opinion 10-8974), January 11, 2012. In an opinion written by Justice Ginsburg, the Court listed some of the guarantees of a fair trial, “the right to counsel, […]

Newspaper support for changing the Illinois eavesdropping statute

I have posted that Illinois’ eavesdropping statute makes it a felony to audio-tape police officers working in public. Legislation has been introduced to change the statute. Now, the legislation is garnering newspaper support in that the Chicago Sun-Times supports changes in the law.

Update of Illinois’ eavesdropping statute

I have posted regarding Illinois’ controversial eavesdropping statute. In Illinois, persons can be prosecuted for audio-taping a police officer engaged in official duties while in public if the officer does not consent to the taping. According to the Chicago Tribune, one state legislature has filled a bill to allow audio-taping.,0,4634735.story

Chicago Police Department’s Crisis Intervention Training.

In an effort to avert safety issues and limit use of force in dealing with mentally ill persons in crisis, in 2005 the Chicago Police Department developed Crisis Intervention Training. Based on a model developed by the Memphis Police Department in the 1990s, officers volunteer for the 40 hour specialized training which is conducted by […]

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