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New United States Department of Justice Report on Crimes Against the Elderly

Recently, the Bureau of Justice Statistics of the US Department of Justice released a report “Crimes Against the Elderly, 2003-2013.” Some of the findings, which are based on data from the National Crime Victimization Survey, data from the Center for Disease Control and US Census Bureau are surprising. The report defined the elderly as […]

Pursuing a DCFS administrative appeal

Following an investigation of abuse or neglect of a child, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) may determine that the subject of the investigation has committed those acts. This finding may be occur even if criminal charges are not lodged against the alleged perpetrator and even if the family is not referred […]

Assistance for students facing university disciplinary hearings

As a criminal defense attorney, I have been called upon to advise students facing disciplinary bodies within their university or college. Recently, due, in part, to the United States Department of Education investigating a number of colleges for violation of Title IX of the Civil Rights Act,, there has been a focus on complaints […]

Temporary Visitor Driver’s License

As previously stated in this blog, undocumented immigrants living in Illinois may now apply for a driver’s license under Illinois law, /blog/undocumented-illinois-residents-to-be-allowed-driving-privileges. Prior to the passage of 625 ILCS 5/6-105.1, non-United States citizens without a valid visa could be subject to arrest for driving without a valid license. Per the Illinois Secretary of State’s website, […]

United States Supreme Court rules a warrant necessary to secure cell phone data following an arrest

Today, the United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that police officers must secure a warrant before searching a arrestee’s cell phone. The Court issued an opinion in Riley v. California,– U.S. –, (No 13-132) that states that protections afforded by the Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution clearly apply to cell phones. The Court […]


I am proud and humbled to announce that I will be receiving the Matthew Maloney Tradition of Excellence Award by the Illinois State Bar Association. I could not be more thrilled to be honored by this wonderful organization. Lori G. Levin Attorney at Law 180 N. LaSalle, Suite 3700 Chicago, IL 60601 [email protected]

Chicago Bar Association program on “Finding Your Practice Area”

Yesterday, it was my pleasure to participate in a Chicago Bar Association program on “Finding Your Practice Area.” As I have posted before, /2/post/2014/04/mentoring.html, both formal and informal mentoring is important for lawyers to become accomplished. After having been the recipient of so much good advice by informal mentors, it is my pleasure to “pay […]


I am pleased to announce that this is another week of success stories. Today, I received a final administrative decision determining that the Department of Children and Family Services’ indicated finding of abuse against a client was unwarranted; our request for expungement of the record was granted. This is the second time this month, where […]


Mentoring, both formally and informally, has always been an important component of the legal profession. Good legal skills cannot be learned merely by attending law school. During my long career, I have been fortunate to have an excellent mentors who have become my friends. In order to “pay it forward,” and at the request of […]

The Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act

Over ten years ago, the Illinois legislature enacted the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act, 325 ILCS 2 et. al., to allow distressed parents of an infant the ability to safely relinquish a newborn without the fear of civil or criminal penalties. under the law, the act of “relinquishing a newborn infant to a hospital, police […]

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