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The Dress for Success Program at the Juvenile Court in Markham

This is a redacted and edited version of a friend’s facebook post about the Juvenile Court at Markham’s Dress for Success program. Please support this worthwhile cause. As I state, I have seen this program in action and it works. See the posting below: Dress for Success! The Juvenile Court at the Markham Courthouse has […]

Public Act to Raise Illinois Juvenile Justice Age to 18

As of January 1, 2014, Illinois youth charged with misdemeanors and felonies will be part of the juvenile justice system rather than the criminal justice realm. On July 8, 2013, Governor Pat Quinn signed into law Public Act 098-0061 which will lower the age of majority for prosecution. This legislation does not change the ability […]

News and items of interest on Facebook and Twitter

Frequently, I post items of interest pertaining to criminal, juvenile and mental health law on the firm Facebook page and Twitter account. To keep current, please follow at on Facebook and @LoriLevin on Twitter. Lori G. Levin Attorney at Law 180 N. LaSalle, Suite 3700 Chicago, IL 60601 [email protected]

Illinois State Bar Association’s 137th Annual Meeting

I am attending the Illinois State Bar Association’s 137th Annual Meeting in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I am a member of the ISBA’s Assembly, Standing Committee on Women and the Law and Criminal Justice Section Council. I am also the Ex-Officio Chair of its Standing Committee on Continuing Legal Education. It is important to be an […]

Cable shows on Preparing Your Young Adult for College

Recently, I taped two Illinois State Bar Association cable television shows on “Preparing Your Young Adult for College, Part 1 and 2.” The first of these shows will air on Chicago Access Network Television, Channel 21 on June 4 and 18 at 10 pm. The second will air on June 11 and June 25 at […]

United States Supreme Court decision on DNA samples from arrestees

Today, the United States Supreme Court approved the ability of the police to obtain DNA samples from persons they have probable cause to arrest and process for serious offenses. In Maryland v. King, 569 U.S. ___ (2013), which may be found at,0,792, the court forged new law. The opinion was a split 5-4 opinion […]

Radio interview with American Edition of Voice of Russia Radio re DNA swabs from arrestees

Just gave interview to the American edition of the Voice of Russia Radio on today’s United States Supreme Court’s decision regarding the taking of DNA mouth swaps in Maryland v. King, 569 U.S. __ (2013). For more about the decision, see the blog entry listed below at /2/post/2013/06/united-states-supreme-court-decision-on-dna-samples-from-arrestees.html Lori G. Levin Attorney at Law 180 […]

Moderating Continuing Legal Ed Program on Criminal Law

Today, I will moderate an all-day continuing education program on “Criminal Law: Back to Basics.” The Illinois State Bar Association seminar will feature such topics such as case law and legislative updates, pre-trial motions, jury selection, guilty pleas and hearsay and constitutional issues. As I have stated elsewhere on this blog, continuing legal education is […]

Proposal to lower blood alcohol limits and driving under the influence

Last week, the National Transportation Safety Board recommended that the nation move towards zero tolerance with respect to drinking and driving. The NTSB made numerous recommendations including reducing the acceptable level of blood alcohol concentration from 0.8 for adults over 21 years to 0.5. (Zero tolerance is in effect with respect to lower BAC levels […]

Illinois Chief Justice issues reminder that court orders determining a person to have mental health problems must be forwarded to Illinois State Police for weapon background checks

This post is a follow-up on an earlier one regarding the Illinois State Auditor General’s report on the limited adherence of counties statewide to report mental health findings to the Illinois State Police for its background checks for Firearm Owner’s Identification Cards. That post may be found at /2/post/2012/05/illinois-auditor-general-releases-report-on-effectiveness-of-illinois-firearms-owners-identification-card-act.html. The Auditor General’s report indicated that […]

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