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Wells Street bridge construction

Please be aware that construction on the Wells Street bridge is impacting other downtown streets. Yesterday, when I went to the office, Lake Street west of Wells and Wells south of Wacker were closed. For approximately the next two weeks, please allow for extra travel time for your office appointments. Lori G. Levin Attorney at […]

Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority Report on A Residential Program for Sex Trafficking Victims

As the former Executive Director of the Illinois Criminal Justice Information Authority, I continue to post links on this blog to the wonderful work of that state agency’s staff. Today, ICJIA released a Research Bulletin on “Anne’s House: A Residential Program for Trafficking Victims,” which can be found at While executive director at the […]

Presidents’ Day

Today is a court holiday, President’s Day. Although I will be available by telephone, I am taking advantage of the holiday by Chairing the Illinois State Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Continuing Legal Education, attending an Illinois Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers continuing legal education program and the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois’ Past Presidents’ […]

Illinois Supreme Court Finds Probable Cause for Drug Arrest for Yelling of One Word

Previously I posted about an Illinois appellate court case that upheld probable cause to arrest someone for soliciting unlawful business on a public way under the Chicago Municipal Code, /2/category/probable%20cause/1.html. In that case, People v. Neal (No. 1-09-2814), the First District upheld a search which resulted in an arrest for possession of heroin. Last […]

Cook County Sheriff to Institute New Jail Visitation Rules

The Cook County Sheriff has announced that his office will soon implement new procedures for persons wishing to visit persons in the Cook County Department of Corrections. The sheriff’s inmate locator site posted that announcement at Persons seeking to visit inmates will need to complete a form which must be presented in person or […]

Undocumented Illinois residents to be allowed driving privileges

As previously reported in this blog, /2/post/2013/01/legislative-measure-to-allow-undocumented-immigrants-driving-privileges-in-illinois.html, during the last legislative session, the Illinois General Assembly passed Senate Bill 957, allowing undocumented residents the privilege to drive legally. On Sunday, Governor Pat Quinn signed the measure into law. Undocumented persons who meet certain criteria will be allowed to legally drive in Illinois starting October 1. […]

Drug problems and drug arrests can happen to persons of all walks of life

So often, I am contacted by parents of young people who have been arrested for drug offenses. As today’s Chicago Tribune reports,,0,7810981.story, even young people who have been privileged to receive great advantages may succumb to the temptation of hard drugs such as heroin. When that happens, many face the criminal justice system. Having […]

Legislative measure to allow undocumented immigrants driving privileges in Illinois

Previously, I have written on the Illinois’ legislature’s efforts to provide undocumented immigrants the right to legally drive in the State of Illinois, /2/post/2012/11/legislative-push-to-allow-undocumented-immigrants-a-legal-way-to-drive.html. This week, such legislation passed the General Assembly as Senate Bill 957,, before it adjourned its session. The bill has been forwarded to Governor Pat Quinn, who has indicated he […]

Season’s Greetings

During this holiday season, please remember to celebrate in a responsible manner. Do not drink and drive. If family gatherings become heated, please remove yourself. Enjoy the season as well as your friends and family. Please have a wonderful holiday. That being said, should my services be necessary, please feel free to contact me. Lori […]

On mentoring

I am quoted in today’s Chicago Daily Law Bulletin. I was contacted to answer the question, “Why do you enjoy being a mentor?” I answered, “I enjoy fostering the skills of new lawyers as well as forging relationships with the next generation of attorneys.” I have been fortunate to have had excellent mentors as well […]

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