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Lori G. Levin is Appointed Chair of the Illinois State Bar Association’s Women and the Law Committee

I am honored and pleased to have been appointed Chair of the Women and the Law Committee of the Illinois State Bar Association for the 2018-19 bar association year. The Women and the Law Committee has done some very important work to promote ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution and to […]

Court Closures

Due to inclement weather, the Circuit Court of Cook County is closed today with the exception of adult bond hearings and juvenile detention hearings. The Circuit Court will also be closed on Monday, in celebration of Abraham Lincoln’s birthday. The United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois is also closed today. The […]

Illinois Appellate Court Cites Article by Lori G. Levin in Its Opinion About Stalking Orders of Protection

I am honored to have been cited by the Illinois Appellate Court’s 4th District in Ivancicts v. Griffith, 2017 IL App (4th) 170028 The Appellate Court cited my article, Stalking No Contact Order Act, that appeared in the November 2011 edition of The Catalyst, the Illinois State Bar Association’s Women and the Law Committee’s […]

Illinois DCFS Administrative Appeals

Following an investigation of abuse or neglect of a child, the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) may determine that the subject of the investigation has committed those acts. This finding may be occur even if criminal charges are not lodged against the alleged perpetrator and even if the family is not referred […]

Lori G. Levin Profiled in the Catalyst

I am honored to have been profiled in the Catalyst, the Illinois State Bar Association’s Women and the Law newsletter. https:// Lori G. Levin Attorney at Law 180 N. LaSalle, Suite 3700 Chicago, IL 60601 312-767-2356 [email protected]  

Your Lollapalooza Take Away Should Not Be the Services of a Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are attending Lollapalooza, please make certain while you enjoy the entertainment that you follow the law. Almost every year, my services as a criminal defense attorney are needed for Chicagoans or out-of-town attendees. Please make follow the posted rules, pay all necessary charges and do not bring contraband into the venue. A weekend […]

Lori G Levin Profiled by Women’s Bar Association of Illinois

I am thrilled and honored to be profiled on the Women’s Bar Association of Illinois’ website for Member Monday Member Monday. Here is a link to the article: Lori G. Levin Attorney at Law 180 N. LaSalle #3700 Chicago, IL 60601 312-767-2356 [email protected]

Illinois State Bar Association’s Illinois Academy of Illinois Lawyers and the Laureate Award

Lori G. Levin is honored to have been named by the Illinois Academy of Lawyers as a 2017 Laureate Award winner. The Academy of Illinois Lawyers was founded in 1999. Its purpose is to enhance the honor and dignity of the bar of Illinois by recognizing lawyers who personify the greatness of the legal profession. […]

Recipe for Change Expands Inmate Cooking Program

Earlier this year, I wrote about a great prisoner re-entry program where Chef Bruno Abate is teaching Cook County Jail inmates how to cook. According to a recent Chicago Tribune story, the program has expanded. The inmate chefs cook and sell pizza to other inmates to help fund the program. Lori G. Levin […]

Lori G Levin Chosen for Leadership Positions Within Illinois State Bar Association

I am honored to have been appointed Vice-Chair of the Women and the Law Committee of the Illinois State Bar Association for 2017-2018. I have also been appointed to continue my work on the Illinois State Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Section. Being active in the bar association allows me to give back to the profession […]

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